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Gothic ass [May. 28th, 2010|10:13 am]
[music |some Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs Disraptor track from their last album.]

After seeing Ext!ze live (man, does that SUCK), i decided to actually make the gothic ass parody on the crap they make. You all can get it here:


I already send out a mailing with this to about 300 DJ's yesterday. About 10 already reported back they loved the track, and i just got kudo's and a promise from Thomas of Nachtmahr and L'ame immortelle fame to play the track in his DJ set. Only thing which has to happen is the audience to love it, and it become a clubhit, and Ext!ze will be humiliated before the entire industrial scene. I already chuckle when i imagine a Ext!ze member being in a club when the DJ plays "Gothic ass". MUHAHAHAHAH

I feel all dirty and evil now. Mhhhhhhh.....
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Dreadnought [Oct. 21st, 2009|06:25 pm]
New material from tPROE, about total destruction:

Npthing wrong with being a little bit on the negative side. :D
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Mow the lawn [Aug. 28th, 2009|03:46 pm]

Just when you though advertisement couldn't get any weirder.
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Weird song weird vid [Aug. 16th, 2009|04:15 pm]

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Jandek, give me a count on the one! [Aug. 7th, 2009|08:59 am]

I'll be damned!

Jandek in the groove funkin' it off, getting people to dance and even enjoying himself. Whats happened with the world?
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Bots [Jul. 28th, 2009|10:21 am]
or not?

Today i got this friend invite on the tPROE myspace


Offcourse i want to be friends with Angie Barstow.

I see she has also befriended Rascall Flats, so i suspect Caustic involvement in this.
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Recommended listening [Jul. 25th, 2009|06:12 pm]
Guns don't kill people....


Fucking amazing album. Me like. Booyaka!
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Download album [Jul. 6th, 2009|12:35 am]

In fact this is a new Kratarknathrak album, but i stopped using that name, because it was too difficult for most people. "Higgs Foton" has a nice ring and is much easier to remember than that krkrkrkkt like most people say. So here it is. "The shadow". 7 songs of which two different versions of the title track, 4 new songs and one not-so-new. It lasts for about an hour, and i am currently uploading it to musiczeit.com, a nifty site i found where you can make downloads available for sale. I was long looking for something like this, but most of those sites require "maintainance fees" and stuff like that. Musiczeit doesn't and i like that for starters because i really don't know how digital sales go, though i suspect it is not as good as physical.

I have some stuff to release, and i tried the "free download" thingy, but i found that to be quite shitty. Problem is that most people assume that if you make it available for free that is must suck. And lets face it, with the crap the talentless myriad of myspace bands release as "FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM", that's not even far beside the truth. And it adds fo further devaluation of music. Making it available for free is saying it holds no value. Well, it doesn't. I think what i make holds value, and though i experimented with the "free download" thingy (Kratarknathrak EP and album on Laidback electronica netlabel, and the Mixtape, cumulonimbus II and NCDFYS EP from tPROE) i find the results to be quite shitty, so i am not going there anymore.

Offcourse there is the illegal circuit, but i think by putting value on music, you make it worthwhile and thus desireable. So the musiczeit.com site is a new experiment i am trying now. I do not expect much from it saleswise, but at least it gives me the opportunity to do things like i want them to be. More or less, because i put up the album for the minimal EP price, but according to their standards it has to last under 30 minutes, and mine is a mere 20 minutes longer. meh.


The result is pleasing imho. If i like what is happening here i will release digital versions of the self released tPROE CD's, and more backcatalogue stuff and the more difficult experimental tPROE side. And offcourse more Higgs Foton and assorted thingies.

Free downloads are soooooooo 2008.
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Music ramblings [Jul. 4th, 2009|12:51 pm]
Yesterday i went shopping and bought CDs. A few disco compilations from sales (with cool italo stuff like alexander robotnick, Putch 79, Daniel Wang and the likes on it), the new VNV Nation (which, much to my suprise, is available in good record shops in NL now. Kudo's for the distribution!), new Louderback (minimal techno) new Vive la fete, and i bought three Pink Floyd albums in a nice package. Somehow they rereleased all their material, but now they made them with the original albumcovers on CD format, so you have mini-versions of the original vinyl albums. very nice. I bought "Animals" (didn't had that one), "Wish you were here" and "Meddle". The last two i already had on vinyl.

I had them on, and it still is amazing how timeless the music from Pink Floyd is. To me personally "Wish you were here" is their best album. Most seem to think that from "The dark side of the moon". I like that one very much as well, but "Wish you were here" is imho one of the greatest achievements in the music history. It is the BEST album ever made. Production, sounds, songs, atmosphere, everything is almost perfect. Add to that the fantastic artwork (which is partially made by Peter Christopherson of later Throbbing Gristle and Coil fame) and there you have it. A landmark in music. The album is also surrounded by strange stories like old time member Syd Barret suddenly showing up at the recordings and stuff.

Somehow this album also ment the end of the creative high for Pink Floyd. The next one ("Animals") is still pretty good, but after that they released "The wall", which is apart from "The final cut" their worst album imho. After they kicked out Roger Waters they became somewhat better. "A momentary lapse of reason" was a decent album, and i didn't like "The division bell" much but "High hopes" was a very good song. The last song on their last studio album. A fitting end. After that only live albums and compilations.

Now that i think about it. Two or their original members are already dead. The creative brains of the band (Waters and Gilmour) are still alive, but i hope they never reform. They achieved perfection on one album. There is no need for more. They will never ever best "Wish you were here", the best album ever made.
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\o/ Onweer! [May. 25th, 2009|10:31 pm]
Onweer vind ik gaaf. De bui die net is overgedreven was supertof! Ik ging buiten kijken, en bliksems zo fel heb ik ze nog nooit gezien! Dichtbij, en enorm fel, en ze duurden zo lang (1 a 2 seconden) dat je ze kon zien bewegen! Wieeee, en een LAWAAI joh, niet normaal meer. Alles stond gewoon te trillen. Hahaha. :) De boel sloeg te horen aan het lawaai overal flink in, en ik hoor nu ook een brandweerauto buiten, dus er is iets aan het fikken ergens. En ja hoor, staat een dak in de brand ongeveer 100 meter bij me vandaan. Dat wordt spannend.

edit: meer brandweerwagens, en ik kan de brandlucht nu duidelijk ruiken. Het vuurtje is niet erg groot, dus dat zal wel geen grote fik worden met al die zwaailichten in die straat.

En JA HOOR. pffrssst ging een schuimblusser en dat was het dan voor vandaag.
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